Thank You for  Your Interest in My Minecraft Project!!



Let me explain just a little what it’s about.


I am creating a series of  guides to building structures in Minecraft.  Because I am lame at Minecraft, I thought we’d see if people who are actually good with this can help me out.

I’ve looked into it and there is a real desire in the public for this sort of guide.

And, I’m offering to pay. While I can’t pay a great deal, I think for someone who is good at building in Minecraft it should be worth their while. Exact amounts will simply depend on what sort of project a builder undertakes.

Beyond any monetary agreement, I’m happy to give complete attribution to any builder who wants it.  This can include:



Here is a little more detailed information in PDF form:

Examples of what I’m looking for

Details and FAQ (includes above Examples.)

If you have any questions or suggestions you can send us a note via Email.